Friday, July 18, 2014

HugMe T-Shirts

HugMe T-Shirt

We are living in Tamilnadu.Tamil language is our Mother Tongue.In home we speak tamil,otherwise we forget our language in daily workplace,communication etc.If anybody speak tamil in rich place or shopping mall we see that guy like criminal.

We don't say Speak Tamil only.We say  "Don't forget our language" only.

Each and everyone think this,but don't done anything.But we would like to do something to our language.

Yes. We do something through our product.We don't speak Tamil but we would like to wear Tamil words printed T-Shirts.Due to this we will explain our thoughts and we will expose our Tamil thoughts and encourage our language.

And at the same if you wear our T-Shirt,you will be see different in common place and each and every one will see you.

You must Feel " I am Different "

Price : 2 Pieces Just Rs.300/- Only (Free Delivery)

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Brand Name : HugMe.

Available Sizes :  S   and  M.

Available Colors :   Yellow  and   White.

Two different Tamil quotes are available.

Price :  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Just Rs. 300/- Only ( 2 Pieces)  Now You Can Pay Online!!!

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This Offer is Few Days Only.

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